Articles tagged "hand tools"
Single Point Honing Jig

homemade scary sharp single point honing guide jig

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Six-Board Chest

yellow six board blanket chest

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Nest of Sawbenches
set of 3 sawbenches

These sturdy saw horses support a board while I cut it with a hand saw. The three distinct sawbenches are the second iteration on my first set of sawbenches. I have been using them for about a year.

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My Favorite Cordless Screwdriver
my favorite cordless screwdriver

For several years my favorite cordless screwdriver has been a brace and bit with a magnetic bit holder.

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Galoot Children's Book

I wrote a children’s book about woodworking with hand tools.

children's book about hand tool woodworking

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Dutch Tool Chest

dutch tool chest

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Tiny House (Playhouse)

tiny/play house

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Step Stool

white shaker simple step stool

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Coaster Car

homemade coaster car

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Homemade Wooden Scow
homemade scow

My son and I built a wooden boat based on plans from The American Boy’s Handy Book, which are similar to the instructions in a Scientific American supplement from 1876

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