Nest of Sawbenches
set of 3 sawbenches

These sturdy saw horses support a board while I cut it with a hand saw. The three distinct sawbenches are the second iteration on my first set of sawbenches. I have been using them for about a year.

Three sawbenches allows both ends of a long board to be fully supported during a cut. I often turn the sawbenches to be parallel with the board to provide more support.

Each bench is designed for a different purpose.

General Purpose Sawbench

simple sawbench

This is my main sawbench. The basic dimensions are from Christopher Schwarz’s design, but mine are 21" tall. I started at 24" and then cut the legs off until I found a comfortable height.

The leg bracing is legs plenty strong. The legs have just a little flex, which stabilizes the bench on a slighty uneven floor.

I also use this sawbench as a step stool.

Ripping Sawbench

ripping sawbench
sawbench straight side

The straight legs on one side of this sawbench facilitate ripping. I place the board parallel to the bench and then rip with my saw hanging off the straight side.

The bird’s mouth at the end of the sawbench is used for starting a rip.

This cannot be my general purpose bench because it is too unstable as a step stool.

Saw Trestle

saw trestle

This third support holds up the very end of a long board. It is designed to be light, but strong, joined with through mortise and tenon joints. It is smaller and more maneuverable than the two benches.


saw trestle

By carefully spacing the legs and supports, I designed this set to nest so they can be out of the way when not in use.

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