My Favorite Cordless Screwdriver
my favorite cordless screwdriver

For several years my favorite cordless screwdriver has been a brace and bit with a magnetic bit holder.

I used to have a DeWalt cordless drill, but the batteries died. Rather than buy a new drill which would also end up in the landfill, I bought an old brace and bit and installed the magnetic bit holder from my dead DeWalt. I love it.


  • The batteries never wear out.
  • The torque and control are both incredible.
  • The bit is much less likely to slip.
  • It’s an excellent way for kids to drive large screws.


  • The brace usually requires two hands. Sometimes I can use my stomach instead of my second hand, but generally I need both hands on the brace.
  • Near a wall, I have to use the ratchet mechanism in the brace because I can’t turn a handle completely. This slows me down a little, but I don’t mind.
  • The brace is slower than a cordless drill for many screws. For a couple of screws it is probably faster because I don’t have to make sure the batteries are charged, etc. For many, I pull out my faithful corded drill.

Lee Valley sells a bit holder specifically for a brace. I own one, but don’t use it. The standard 1/4" hex bit holder works fine and includes a sleeve to slide down and steady the screw.

Everything doesn’t require a motor. Give the brace and bit a try.

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