I started making wooden planes because I needed a jointer plane to flatten my workbench.

The Lie-Nielsen jointer was too expensive, I had trouble finding a vintage Stanley locally, and I was afraid if I bought a vintage Stanley over the internet that I’d get something with a sole way out flat. Planemaking is fun, but it’s not really a way to save money.

I wanted to write a little about my experience so hopefully you can learn from some of my mistakes.

Here’s the planes I’ve made in order. Each one taught me something.

Philly Style Jack Plane
Philly style laminated mesquite jack plane
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Krenov Style Jack Plane
krenov jack plane
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Krenov Style Jointer Plane
Krenov jointer plane
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Jointer Plane 2.0

I decided to try to make a wooden jointer plane as my primary jointer.

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