Krenov Style Jointer Plane

Krenov jointer plane

This is the second hand plane I made. See Planemaking for some of the other planes I’ve made.

I needed a plane to flatten my workbench, so I tried making a Krenov-style jointer plane with a brass cross pin. The pin is 5/16", which is the largest size I could find at my local hardware store. The blade is a 1-3/4" Hock blade for a Krenov-style plane. The whole plane is made from hackberry I cut down in my yard.

The plane “works,” but the blade is too narrow and there’s no tote, which I found a real bother. My hands slid all over the place as I tried to use it. To address these problems, I built Jointer Plane 2.0.

Daddy,  Can We Play in the Workshop?

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