I enjoy woodworking with hand tools and a few power tools.

Projects (25)

I enjoy making furniture, toys, and small wooden gifts.

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Hand Tools (16)

I want to encourage you to try woodworking with hand tools.

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Dust Collection (2)

Articles on workshop air quality.

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Sharpening (9)

I learned sharpening of planes and chisels by reading books, searching the web, and emailing with Brent Beach. It wasn’t until I started following Brent’s methods that I got consistent success.

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Planemaking (4)

I started making wooden planes because I needed a jointer plane to flatten my workbench.

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Bandsaws (9)

I have been using a bandsaw as the primary machine in my workshop since 2001.

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Miscellaneous (4)

Woodworking articles that don’t fit in another category.

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Galoot Children's Book

I wrote a children’s book about woodworking with hand tools.

children's book about hand tool woodworking
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