My experience with long COVID.

Review: Visible Plus for Long COVID (5)

My review of the Visible Plus app with the heart monitor arm band.

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My Long COVID Story So Far

I am a 50 year-old software engineer living with long COVD.

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Long COVID Micro-Olympics

The Micro-Olympics is a mindset to help me cope with long COVID.

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My Long COVID Treatment Strategy

This is an overview of what I have done to treat my long COVID. My main symptom is fatigue.

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Treating Long COVID like ME/CFS

We know a lot more about ME/CFS than we do long COVID and the symptoms are similar.

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Evaluating HBOT for Long COVID

I researched Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to address my long COVID fatigue.

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Electrolytes Help Me With Long COVID

Drinking electrolytes helps me with my long COVID symptoms.

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Long COVID Recovery Stages

These are the stages of long COVID recovery that I have observed in myself.

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Heart Rate Monitoring for Long COVID

Can heart rate monitoring help me recover from long COVID?

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My Experience With Physical Therapy for Long COVID

I know two people with long COVID who were helped by physical therapy, but PT set me back more than two months.

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FMLA May Not Apply to You

You may not be eligible for FMLA even if you work for a big company.

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