Review: Visible Plus for Long COVID

My review of the Visible Plus app with the heart monitor arm band.

Overall, the app helped me get out of multi-week crashes twice. However, I found it restricted my activity too much and made me think too much about Long COVID, which was not good for my health.

If you plan to try the app, you don’t have to buy the Polar Verity Sense arm band through Visible. Also, definitely only sign up for a month subscription, not a whole year.

The articles below are my detailed Visible review. I also have a Garmin review.

My Experience With Visible Plus for Long COVID

This is an overview of my experience using the Visible Plus app in October of 2023 and January of 2024.

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Visible Plus: Evening Check-in

Each evening, Visible wants you to record your symptoms and activity for the day.

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Visible Plus: Morning Check-in

The Visible app wanted me to check-in first thing in the morning while I was still in bed. I found this process problematic.

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Visible Plus: Heart Rate Monitoring

This is an overview of heart rate monitoring using the Polar Verity Sense arm band paired with the Visible Plus app.

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Visible Plus: Pacing

Pacing is the feature of Visible Plus I was most excited about.

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