0.5 Micron Abrasive
3M microabrasive

For the last step, I used 0.5 micron abrasive and a 2.5mm slip. The 0.5 micron abrasive feels so smooth that it is hard to believe it does anything, but I can see metal filings after sharpening at this grit and the blade is very polished.

Like the 5 micron, this just takes a few strokes, maybe as few as 2 or 3. I had to apply some pressure on the outside corners to make sure the entire edge is sharpened since the blade has a camber.

With the bevel done, I turned the jig over and honed the back. I used the slip for the back, as well.

The finished bevel looks like this:

Note the very polished section right at the edge. The back of the blade is similar:

The blade looks good, but I don’t trust looks.

Time to test the edge.

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