Toy Jumbo Jet
wooden toy jumbo jet airplane

This jumbo jet is one of my favorite projects. I have made several over the years.

The design is mine, but was inspired by the book Making Heirloom Toys. I liked the idea of drilling holes in a line for windows, but prefer more realistic toys, so I traced a Boeing 747 schematic I found online.

I sized this plane so I could build scale models of other Boeing aircraft. The 747 is huge! The picture includes a 12" ruler.

The body is cherry. The wings and tail are baltic birch plywood for strength.

Food grade mineral oil is the finish. Mineral oil is safe to gnaw on, but it never dries, just soaks in. For a few days after finishing, I have to be careful the oil doesn’t soak into cloth or paper which touches the plane. After that it is fine.

wood airplane wings

The main wing is attached with two screws so it can be replaced.

wooden toy plane tail

The horizontal and vertical stabilizers are glued in with through dowels. Screws and nails were ugly. Capped screws require a small piece that could be a choking hazard.

wooden toy plane windows

If this plane inspired you to make a toy airplane, please give me credit.

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