Tiny House Breakfast Table
tiny house breakfast table for Community First! Village

I built this breakfast table for one of the micro-homes at Community First! Village.

Community First! provides permanent housing for men and women coming out of chronic homelessness. Traditional furniture is often too big for the micro-homes, so this was a great opportunity for my woodworking club to build custom furniture for a good cause during the 2020 pandemic.

Since we were meeting on Zoom anyway, I arranged for Minnesota woodworking instructor Mike Siemsen to present at one of our monthly meetings. Siemsen got excited about the Community First! project and designed a set of easy-to-build furniture for this project. This breakfast table is his design. The club delivered 34 pieces of furniture to Community First! Village in 2020.

It was a great project and we hope to do this again in 2021.

mico-home table frame

The table was built entirely from S3S, 7/8" poplar. (Next time I’ll use 3/4" like Siemsen recommended.) As you can see, the frame is simple. If we were able to get together in a big shop, we could produce these through and assembly line pretty quickly.

Daddy,  Can We Play in the Workshop?

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