Hand tools are no crazier than CrossFit

There is a gym near my house that teaches CrossFit. I first noticed it one summer. In 100° weather, folks were outside doing pull-ups. Scant equipment was visible through the huge overhead doors. I thought it was some kind of low-cost gym.

A membership is over $100 a month, which is not low-cost to me. They have no air conditioning, minimal heat, and minimal equipment. No treadmills or elliptical trainers – just run on the street! It seems pretty intense. The gym is popular and my friends who go there love it. They are as fanatical as galoots.

I used to think hand tool woodworking was eccentric. No more!

Daddy,  Can We Play in the Workshop?

If hand tool woodworking is your passion, you may enjoy my children's book, Daddy, Can We Play in the Workshop?