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Why I Love My Reel Mower

I love mowing my grass with my reel mower.

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Smaller bites for faster mowing
If you bite off too much, the reel mower will choke. A reel mower prefers cutting half the width of the blade or less. This picture shows the proper position. Follow a line from the middle of the mower to the right corner of the flowerbed. The left of that line is cut grass. The right is uncut grass. As you mow back and forth, the middle of your mower should follow the cut line.
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Choosing a Reel Mower

I have an Agri-Fab 18" Silent Reel Mower and it is excellent. Like most hand tools from a previous era, cheap mowers do not function well.

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Does a Reel Mower Work?


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Reel Mower Maintenance

I have had the blades sharpened twice in 7 seasons. No other maintenance seems necessary.

Golf courses use reel mowers, so call around to find out how they sharpen their mowers.

Reel Mower Technique

Like any hand tool, a reel mower requires a little technique. It’s not hard, but there are a couple of things to know.

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Trimming and Cleaning Up

For trimming around the edges of the lawn, I use an electric weedeater. I haven’t found a good non-power alternative.

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