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Retrieving the SOAPAction in a CXF Provider

I was writing a WSDL-first SOAP 1.1 service (server) using Apache CXF. I needed to directly access the XML DOM of the SOAP Header and Body, so I did not want to use the standard JAXB data binding. My solution was to implement a Provider using message mode. However, retrieving the SOAPAction inside the Provider’s invoke(SOAPMessage msg) method was not intuitive to me. The WSDL for this service was produced by a standards body, so I tried to avoid modify it. Each operation in the WSDL specified a soapAction, therefore I assumed I needed the value of the SOAPAction HTTP header to process the message.

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Permission to ports 80 & 443 with authbind

I prefer to not run web applications as root. authbind allows you to run the application as a user other than root, but bind to ports 80 and 443.

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Daemonize a Java service on Linux the simple way

Creating a Java-based service on Linux that will start when the operating system boots and run continuously doesn’t require any extra libraries, despite many internet posts to the contrary. I wrote a web application using an embedded Jetty server that I needed to run as a service on Ubuntu 14.04.

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