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Step by Step Guide

I want more people to experience the joy of woodworking with hand tools.  I suspect many people are discouraged from using hand tools, especially in youth, because the tools were not sharp.  Hand tools must be sharp to work.  I want to help you get over that hump.

This guide is an attempt to describe the process I use to sharpen a plane blade in as much detail as possible.  Feel free to contact me if you have questions or improvements.

I learned this process from Brent Beach and then added a few tweaks of my own.  As an overview, I grind the primary bevel to 25°.  I start the secondary bevels at 29°.  The abrasive is 3M micro-abrasives glued to glass.  My honing jig is homemade. 

This guide shows how I took a dull blade and made it sharp.  More importantly, at the end it is a shape that can be easily resharpened. 

Let's get started by assembling the supplies I use.