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Hand Saw Storage

I built this saw till to store my hand saws:

The design is based on Bill Taggart's article.  His plans are quite complete.  I have a couple of additional notes:
  • This is a good hand tool only project.  That's how I built mine.  The sides and top are plywood.   Hand tools work fine on plywood.
  • I made the slots for the blades by using a thin kef hand saw and cutting two parallel lines, 1/8" apart.
  • I didn't have 1" dowel, so I just shaped a piece of 1.5" yellow pine to fit the shape of the handles.
  • I highly recommend making a full-scale mock up using all your saws.    The saws are more different in size than you realize.
For my dovetail and carcass saw, I built a little till.  I got this idea from an article by Christopher Schwarz in Hand Tool Essentials.